Train-Spotting in York! - 7/10/23

A Transpennine Express Class 802 leaving York Train Station. Photo taken from underneath the "Welcome to York" sign.
A Transpennine Express Class 802 leaving York Train Station.

On 7th October 2023, me and my dad took the 8:43 Transpennine Express (on time!!!) train from Newcastle to York. The only plan we had for that day was photography, and lots of it! I took over 700 photos of many different types of trains. Class 800s, Class 180-190s, and even an Intercity 225!! I have a load of the photos on My Photo Gallery, but I'll show a few here too.

Intercity 225 Battle of Britain Memorial Locomotive.

This is a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight livery on a Class 91 Locomotive hauling an Intercity 225 LNER Train. It is a high-speed electric locomotive, and runs on the east coast mainline. This train came from London Kings Cross Station.

Lumo 803001 passing through York Train Station Platform 5

This is number 1 of 5 Class 803 Lumo Fully Electric Multiple Units. Lumo trains don't stop at York, so they pass through at about 40MPH, but some of them take the bypass track that bypasses York Train Station entirely. I'm unsure why not all Lumo services do this, as they don't stop at York, so passing through limits their speed significantly.

I tracked this train using Signal Box, which shows a map of all trains in the UK, and where they're headed to. I filtered by operator, and selected Lumo, which allowed me to track where on the map this train was. There were a few other lumo trains that passed through the station that day, and I took a few photos of those too!